Distance Learning
At this time, we are not planning on distance learning for students.  However, the following guidelines will remain in effect in the event that we have to move to distance learning.  If your child is going to be absence from school due to sickness or being out of town, please visit with their teacher to get their assignments beforehand.  The links to the right are still programs we have available for your student.

Please read over this information provided by the school and the teacher to familiarize yourself with the teacher's expectations before the start of school.  If you have questions or are having issues with logging in, please reach out to your child's teacher, using the contact information given in the folder.

Attendance will be taken daily. 

Elementary students are expected to sign on daily in their assigned platform and complete all daily assignments.  They are expected to attend live meetings as scheduled by their teacher.

4th through 8th grade students are expected to sign onto Google Classroom and participate in their daily scheduled classes.  These classes will include live instruction on that day's standards in order to assist students in completing homework assignments that should be completed that day.

Students will be expected to complete all assignments given to them by their teachers.  Grades will be given based upon participation, classwork and homework submitted to the teacher.  Teachers will provide due dates for assignments and have the right not to accept late work.  Please work with your child's individual teachers if other arrangements need to be made for your child. 

Starting the week of August 17th, eligibility reports for 4th through 8th grades will go out for students who are not maintaining the 2.0 average and/or failing their classes.  Grades will stand from all assignments during distance learning for all grades, kindergarten through 8th grades.

Students in Kindergarten through 8th grades will be completing Exact Path diagnostic testing in reading, language arts and math.  The students need to do their best on these tests but should not have help from the parent at home to complete answers.  This testing is meant to determine what gaps, if any, a student has.  It will create an individualized learning path to fill in those gaps or produce a learning path that will extend the students learning at a higher level.  The teachers may use this program to assign learning assignments as well.

Students 3rd through 8th grades will be completing Study Island bench marking in ELA and Math.  The students need to do their best on these tests but should not have help from the parent at home to complete answers.  This testing will assist teachers in determining where students are in regards to grade level standard testing.  The testing helps students learn the rigors of end of year state testing and prepares them to complete these tests successfully.  This testing also provides the school with invaluable information regarding completion of state standards.  The teachers will use this program to assign learning assignments for grade level standards as well.

Additionally students may be taking the Star Reading test.  This gives teachers information regarding a student's reading level and helps the teacher and student develop reading goals for the year.

Each class may be using different platforms (SeeSaw and Google Classrooms) and online programing based upon grade level and student needs.  Your child may use some or all of the links below during the school year.  Here are the links to some of the specific programs you may need access to.

Study Island
Exact Path
Accelerated Reader/Star Reading

The Extras!
Are you looking to expand your child's education?  They finished all their work and need something else to do?!  Try some of these options to expand their learning. (Login information will be in packets)
Typing Skills
Learn How to Code
Duolingo for Schools-Learn a Language

Wide Open School