Mrs. Karen Hirshouer

Mrs. Karen Hirshouer,  B.A., M.S.

         Hello!  My name is Mrs. Karen Hirshouer and I am proud to teach Math to Grades 5-8. 
This is my 22nd year of teaching Middle School.  

I am Highly Qualified in both Math and Science.
I have also taught at Cochise College helping adults get their GED.

I have been married for 37 years to my best friend, and we have been blessed
with 3 wonderful children, and a grandson.

Please check out USEFUL LINKS for daily homework and pictures of my classes!

Study Island
A program we use in the classroom for math quizzes. 
Students may need to login to finish quizzes at home.

 Exact Path
A program we use in the classroom for individualized instruction to fill in gaps for your student. 
Students have trophy goals each quarter for completing their missing gaps, and can login at home to do this.

A website of math games to practice math skills and earn prizes! 
Students can login at home and play against their friends.

Mrs. Hirshouer's classroom quotes:
"You gotta Pay to Play!" & 

"Effort in = Grade out!"

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