WHY Pearce?

Thinking of making the switch?

Whether you are a teacher wanting to change teaching locations or a parent wanting better opportunities and smaller class sizes for your child, Pearce Elementary School District is the place to be!  Some highlights of Pearce Elementary School are:

We offer Preschool through 8th grade, single grade level classrooms.

We have an 11.1 student to teacher ratio (7.5 students less than the state average).  We have a 4.1 student to staff ratio.

We have teachers with an average of 12.6 years of teaching experience.

We spend on average $7,377 per pupil in instruction, $3,232 more than the state average.

Our 2015 attendance rate was 94%.

We have an average teacher salary of $48,353.

We have a starting teacher base salary of $34,000.

We have both community and parental volunteers in the classroom.

We offer numerous programs and activities such as Music, Computers, Library, Student Council, Yearbook , Volleyball, Basketball, and Track.

We are constantly expanding our services!  Teachers are encouraged to offer new ideas and activities in their classroom. 

A field day for grades Kindergarten through 4th, where students competed in long jump, sprints and softball throw.

Our expanding garden, where students worked the garden, planted seeds, cared for the garden, harvested the vegetables that were produced and partook of their hard work!