Mrs. Brynn Ebert

Hello My Name Is...

Brynn Ebert

Hello!  My name is Brynn Ebert.  I have the great privilege of being the Kindergarten teacher here at Pearce. 

I cannot wait to teach your child in my Kindergarten class.  Kindergarten is a wonderful year filled with new ideas, new friends and is a great beginning to your child's educational career.  Have a wonderful year!

Helpful Links and Tips to get through No School!
Raz Kids/Headsprout
Raz Kids and Headsprout are reading programs for kids.  These are new programs that our available to our students because of school closures!  Use the above link.  Your Teacher's Username is pearceelem5.  Have your child find their name. Your password will be in the packet provided by Mrs. Ebert.

Waterford Early Learning
If you do not have access to your Waterford Home Access, please contact [email protected] by email, so that she can either resend your invitation or she can get your email address in order to send it.

Study Island

Schoolwide program for our students in math and language arts.  New program for our kindergarteners due to the closure.  Your information will be in your packet provided by Mrs. Ebert.

Fun Math Games

Mystery Science 
Who invented pizza?
Can animals laugh?
What's the biggest tree in the world?
Why do we get hiccups?
How do germs get inside your body?
How does hand sanitizer kill germs?

Lots of different learning games! 

Don't forget to keep reading with your child everyday!